Enabling business continuity & growth within congested grids

That is our mission.

We deliver optimised energy system for buildings to help to help your clients grow your business within net congestion limitations and lowering total energy usage, CO2 and costs.

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For installers & integrators

Get the highest combined potential from your installed energy assets

You install modern energy assets. Your customers want them to reach their full combined potential.
We offer cutting-edge and open technologies as a platform empowering our partners to provide energy management services shorting ROI and enabling electrification for your clients.
We enable our partners to already move forward today and be confident about long term success at the same time.
For energy advisors

Improve your businesscase with energy optimization

Your clients are investing in modern energy assets and electrifying your operations.

With our best-of-class scenario simulations, your clients make informed decisions for their future.

Our energy flexibility and optimization services provide a quicker return on investments for businesses.

Use cases we support

EV charging hubs

Create optimised EV charging solutions within your grid capacity to support your electric mobility ambitions.
Logistics hub

Smart buildings

Connecting your energy assets to get the most our of your own production and cope with energy grid limitations.
Micro grid


Deliver electrified heating systems which combine comfort, low emissions and cost efficiency. We enable smart planning of hot water buffering under dynamic tariffs.
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See our energy scenario simulations in action

We love to show you what our scenario simulations and data driven insights can do for your project and decisions.

Our end-to-end solution

Energy scenario simulations

Simulations based on real data by our digital twin support you giving quick insights on improvements and  making data driven investment decisions.

Asset orchestration

Connect and orchestrate energy assets for realtime insights and optimizing their production and consumption.

Energy optimization

Add flexibility to your energy management based on data and within grid boundaries to achieve a quicker return on investment.

Our step-by-step approach

How we work
We're on a mission

Building a world of open energy flexibility solutions

We believe in the power of open source and networks and keeping your strategic options open.

Our solution is open source and supports as much as possible open standards. This enables our partners to already move forward today and be confident about long term success at the same time.

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Want to know more?

Do you have questions? Our most often asked questions are here.

Energy management is all about optimization of energy produced, consumed, stored or fed back into the grid. Energy management is about effectively managing all (sustainable) energy flows within a company.

Challenges businesses face currently are:

  • Businesses need energy flexibility to handle net congestion challenges.
  • Energy flexibility is necessary to optimize energy usage and lower energy costs and their CO2 footprint.
  • Return on investment for investment in renewable energy assets and dynamic energy markets can be realized with their energy flexibility and optimization.
  • Energy optimization projects have a long runtime. Investments in energy assets are impactful. Energy optimization needs an adjustable, extensible and future ready solution.

Our solution for businesses:

  • We connect energy assets that are now still silo’d and are not working together
  • Our solution is open and extensible for future needs and changes, and it doesn’t provide a lock-in for partners and businesses.
  • Based on our flexibility platform, we provide digital twins to simulate energy solutions and provide insights to support business cases. Our digital twin technology removes uncertainty for end-customers and an added service for our partners.

We are FlexoWatts. We deliver open and end-to-end energy management solutions.

Our open and end-to-end energy management solution enables companies that install and manage modern energy assets (like EV charging, solar, heating, storage and more) to orchestrate their clients energy infrastructure to achieve lower energy costs, reduce their CO2 footprint and work within congested energy grids limits.

We combine deep expertise in one end-to-end service providing the whole technical stack (IoT, APIs, ML) and all aspects in the project cycle (digital twin for ROI estimations and project design, real-time control in dynamic prices/markets).

This enables our partners to move forward with energy orchestration today and confidence about their long-term success at the same time.

A digital twin is a digital replica of your energy ecosystem. This digital replica makes it possible to test and simulate improvements and changes to your energy ecosystem, as they’d play out in a complex market environment.

What are the benefits for you?

There are plenty.

Most importantly, digital twins provide data-driven support to decide what to invest in: the business case and ROI.

Next to this, it also provides other benefits like:

  • Deep insights into how your system would actually work in real-time, and why.
  • Easy to see the effect of different scenarios.
  • High freedom between the assets being employed.
  • Transparency. No need to “just” take the projections of OEMs at face value.

Can you help me build a digital twin for your situation?

Yes, we can and would love to.

FlexoWatts works with companies who install and manage modern energy assets like EV charging, solar, heating, storage and more. These companies are facing the complex task of orchestrating these assets to achieve lower energy costs and CO2 footprint and to enable their clients to operate within congested energy grids.

FlexoWatts supports these companies in developing energy orchestration and flexibility services to service their clients and build new revenue streams.

That is great news. We would like to explore what we can do for you.

Please contact us at hello@flexowatts.com and we will be in contact shortly.

We’re looking forward to learning more about your project.

There is no planet B

We’re optimists. We believe in the possibilities of technology. We want to make an impact at scale. We’re deeply worried about our climate heating up and the impact of it on all our lives. We want to contribute to a better world.

We’re energy management experts, authors of cutting-edge and open technology with a strong trackrecord. We founded FlexoWatts to move the world of renewable energy forward.

We believe in open source, the power of working together and communities. By working together we can speed up innovation and contribute to creating a better world for us all.

Join us on your journey.

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Work with us

We’re always looking for smart, driving and ambitious people to move the energy transition forward and create a better world.

If you think there is a fit, please send us an email at jobs@flexowatts.com with your motivation and background.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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